Strava Photos on Mobile

Lead the UX design for mobile photo upload, allowing users to post photos to their activities for a richer and more engaging storytelling experience.

The goal is to provide users with the ability to post photos taken during or related to their activity on Strava. To enable users to share the full story about an activity beyond just performance metrics.

Some of the challenges include the anticipated range of interest between users to post just one or a few photos to documenting the entire experience of multiple hours with dozens of photos. Furthermore the varying levels of quality of photos and ways that users choose to take photos with various apps.

Strava Photos on Mobile allows users to upload photos from their mobile device right after recording their activity. The photos taken during an activity are highlighted to allow a streamlined experience when posting relevant pictures. Photos then show up as a small photo strip for quick review.

The uploaded activity now highlights photos as a thumbnail on the map and allows users to swap the map for one of the photos.

Photo Upload Flow after Recording an Activity

Variation of other Photo Flows


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