Fitbit Device Launch

Lead the UX design for mobile apps to provide user onboarding and education for new devices and update the packaging quick start guides to streamline the setup experience.

The goal is to provide users with a great first experience when joining Fitbit, by guiding them to the interactive experience within the mobile app that helps them understand their new device and make use of the features most useful to them. It’s important to give users the confidence they setup their device successfully and provide a informative and supportive first-time experience.

Some of the challenges include the wide range of users, including technical savy and unsavy as well as new and returning users. Where especially users new to Fitbit don’t know they need an app to setup their new device, they don’t know how to make the most out of their new device.


The goal of out-of-box research was to observe the unboxing and setup experience and identify pain points and challenges users might face with the first use. Furthermore, to identify gaps in understanding of feature areas after going through setup.


The design included the entire onboarding flows for iOS, Android and Desktop apps as well as device specific settings and getting started guides for new users.


I'm a self-motivated and goal-oriented professional with over a decade of experience in creating apps and websites from conception to launch with an emphasis on user-centered design. I'm passionate about efficient and easy-to-use interfaces.